Manu Sharma  
The Concept of
The concept behind ‘meart’ is very simple, it’s for actually showcasing and selling talent. Today this talent is mine and tomorrow it would be showcased along with other creative people in the field of art. Art as you know comes in various forms and types. It is as dynamic as it can be but everything depends upon the quality and skill sets of the artist’s, to explain it in two words ‘Artistic Talent’. There are many artists with quantitative works but very few who are qualitative in nature, aspect and presentation of their works. There are many who do not even get a platform to ever showcase their excellent artistic skills let alone market them. This is an endeavour from my part to start marketing first myself as an artist and then others with me. I know it’s a simple website today but tomorrow it would be a force to reckon with. I believe in it growing slowly and steadily and would never hurry with it. I give this website complete freedom to grow and distinguish itself like a true peace of art from its humble settings. I hope you all will agree with me and enjoy my website. Today digital computer graphics are only limiting themselves to the use of an artist as a ‘visualizer’ or an ‘art director’ or a ‘concept artist’ etc. which I consider is completely wrong as true artistic talent is overshadowed by artificial intelligence resulting in non-artists too falling under the category of ‘Artists’. One should never forget that a good animation series cannot ever do without a traditional artist.
Note: We will never put photographs or wholly produced digitalimages except for digitally enhanced manual works on our website along with whatever has been created by talented and skilled hands of an artist like paintings, sculptor, art crafts, handicrafts etc. All my line artworks are hand drawn and then digitally or manually coloured.
Excellent visualization and concept art skills available with us. We love to undertake take any kind of art or creativity linked job works/ projects. We undertake high quality Wall paintings for offices, homes etc.