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  • Language: will not carry art that it believes uses excessive profanity, sexually explicit language, or remarks that disparage or ridicule other people.
  • Licensing: honors the intellectual property rights of others. We will not intentionally sell unlicensed prints or photos.
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  • Pornography: strives not to carry art that involves erotica or adult content that crosses the line from art into pornography. As an art site striving to offer all varieties and types of art, nude figures, embraces and affectionate activity are often the subject for artist portrayal. Most of our most popular and distinguished artists have some adult material in their galleries, including Picasso, Matisse, DaVinci, Klimt, and Dali. We do carry some nude figures, photos, and some mild sexual images in prints and posters. What you will NOT see is X-rated or hard-core images, sexual images involving children, anything that depicts graphic sexual acts; amateur porn; soiled undergarments, sexual aid devices or any paraphernalia involved with this type of activity except for the sole use and purpose as educational and or general awareness content. 
  • Violence: Some images on the web site may depict violence; however we avoid images that we believe contain overt or gratuitous violence. 
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