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Some Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
1. How does Work?
2. Do you sell single images?
3. Is access of the website free? What are the usage costs and or charges?
4. What is the difference between the ‘Standard’, ‘Special’ and ‘Limited’ Licenses?
5. The system won't charge my credit or debit card. Is there something wrong?
6. Why are custom accounts more expensive than yours ?
7. Can you contact the artists or the content submitter and research a particular image for me?
8. What is an editorial image?
9. Can my account be activated without you receiving the  transfer? And why does it take so long?
10. How do I print a receipt?
11. How can I contact customer support?
12. Do you buy Sculptures, photos, paintings, Tattoo art, vectors, illustrations, sculptors etc?
13. Do you publish catalogues?
14. What browsers are compatible with this website?
15. What are the limits on downloads?
16. Can I share my username/password with friends/colleagues?
17. How do I purchase a subscription?
18. Does my browser need to be able to accept cookies?
19. I am registered/subscribed and storing images in a’ ‘Personal’ and or an ‘Exclusive’ box -- how long will the  Boxes be there?
20. What are ‘Personal’ and ‘Exclusive’ boxes?
21. How do I add images etc. to my Boxes?
22. How do I share the Boxes with a colleague/friend?
23. What if the site is not accepting my username/password or email address, even though I know the information is correct?
24. Can I have more than one Account or Subscription plan active at the same time?
25. After my membership expires, can I continue to use the photos I downloaded?
26. What is the Most Popular sort order in ‘Showcase’?
27. Can I contact the content owner to get a missing image?
28. Which currency do you charge in?
29. What is your refund policy?
30. What are Editorial images?
31. How do I remove my email address from your mailing lists?
32. Can I download the same image more than once?
33. How do I print a receipt of my purchase?
34.What are the different levels of Accounts/Plans/subscriptions etc.?
35. What if I forgot my username or password?
36. What is the benefit of a customized or multi-seat license?
37. How do you protect my Credit/Debit card or Pay Pal account information?
38. Does the image I download have a watermark on it?
39. How does your licensing work exactly?
40. If I modify an image, can I claim copyright to that image?
41. What is a derivative work?
42. Can I use images that I download in work-for-hire?
43. Where can I use images?
44. Can I create an online gallery of your products?
45. What formats are in use?
46. What does 'royalty-free' mean?
47. What sizes do your images come in?
48. Which Terms of Use apply to my account?
49. Can I sell the products, items or artworks that I download or purchase?
50. Do you have any 'rights-managed' images?
51. Can I sell templates that include your images?
Ans-1 Currently you just select an image and download it by paying for it. There are art objects which on purchase cannot be downloaded like Paintings, sculptors etc, but needs to be given or taken physical delivery of by the seller and the buyers respectively. These items are also covered by the terms and conditions ruling this website. The buyers will be shipped their purchases after confirmation of their full payment received by All purchases from are covered under our ‘Standard’ or ‘Special’ or ’Limited’ License terms and conditions as per the object(s), items(s) of purchase. Some images and or objects might be covered under single or multiple choices of licenses after purchase. Purchased physical objects or items will be parcelled or shipped by third party service providers who render normal delivery procedures like courier, parcel, local mail etc for or as adopted by The payment of the same is covered in the pricing of the item or otherwise as mentioned. Any special transportation services required by you would attract extra charges and cannot be considered as mandatory or as a matter of right. Some purchased objects are on FOB basis or as is where is basis only.
Later when we create a login accounts with multiple types of subscription of both paid or unpaid accounts or plans then the below mentioned procedures or steps might be adopted;
 After creation of the login account you can browse the website and buy or purchase the images, items, objects to your heart’s content either under  ‘Standard’ and or ‘Special’  and or ’Limited’ License plans.
The pricing determines the difference between the plans or the type of account you will avail though these too would be covered by their unique and exclusive TOS of their licenses respectively.
For example; Paintings and customized works like Fashion Designs come under ‘Limited’ License plan. Ownership and copyrights can be purchased for any of the products covered under any License.
Later on subscriptions on offer would be periodical i.e. for one month, three months, six months or one year, and you may be allowed to download up to 10 to unlimited images per day on credit basis. There would be no hidden or additional fees after you become a subscriber or member of We may also provide special licenses for multi-user accounts, print runs exceeding 100,000, for merchandise, commercial and or other media usages. There will be no end to our innovative expansion plans.
Later on when other submitters and contributors join us then we will also exhibit their works for free on commission basis and as they grow in numbers then we will have them run their exclusive selling and showcasing accounts directly online within the framework of our website
Ans-2 We provide single image sales covered under all three licenses.
Ans-3 Currently you donot have a Customer Account or any subscription tie up. You are covered under only threetransaction licenses i.e. ‘Standard’ ‘Limited’ & ‘Special’ Licenses by way of pricing of the products for downloading.  Your usage is free of any subscription plans or charges  or costs until and unless introduced by You can only choose between the mandatory license terms available while choosing the prices printed on each image or a products image to ascertain its usage limitations to you. The images with lower rates fall under the ‘Standard’ License and those with higher price quotes under ‘Special’ License. ‘Limited’ License usage is the most expensive but is restricted to those works of art which require special delivery and or are subject to exclusive second party usage only.
We do not allow refunds because customers are aware of each charge per download. In case of a problem please contact
Ans-4 There are many differences between them. The links below will help to answer your specific questions regarding these two licenses.
Click here for a grid that compares the three licenses.
Click here for the actual text of a Standard License.
Click here for the actual text of an Special License.
Click here for the actual text of an Limited License.
Click here to see all of our subscription plans and prices.
Ans-5 At the moment we are not expecting Credit or Debit cards directly. All our payments are sourced through ‘PayPal’. Hence whenever applicable; If the system is not accepting your credit card or debit card, please verify all of the information that was entered, including the credit card number, expiration date, and cvv (security) code. If your credit card is still being declined please contact the company that issued your card for more information.
We do not assist by processing the charge with you on the phone or nay other mode except as mentioned. We request youto adopt the payment channel available with yourand our ‘PayPal Account’ to deal with us. You can call us at +91 9910101516 for thepurpose.
Ans-6 A custom account whenever introduced is designed to meet a client’s specific needs that do not fit within our traditional subscription plans or transactions covered under the three license types. Although their prices are higher as a result, they are considerably lower than any of our competitors’ prices. The multi-user functionality of our custom accounts and or plans is exclusive to and wouldprove to be a great benefit for our customers.
Ans-7 We provide detailed descriptions of each image on our site. All of our images attract royalty to the artist who owns this website and are exclusive to his creativity; therefore you can contact the artist at Other Artists orsubmitters has to be contacted vide only. We cannot guarantee or warranty any research except what has been provided to us by submitters.
Ans-8 Editorial images are images that have not been released for commercial use. We do not provide the service of researching and/or obtaining any needed additional makes no representations, guarantees or warranties whatsoever with respect to the use of names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered or copyrighted designs or works of art depicted in any Image. You must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction of any image have been secured by you. Currently the images on display are by a single artist and can be used as such. Please review the license agreements carefully.
Ans-9 Currently there are no subscription accounts or plans. Visiting the website is free and requires no payments.Downloads are instant on payments. We are at the moment working through PayPal for facilitation of our to & fro payments. However when they become chargeable accounts as we grow moving forward under various plans etc, then we will not activate customer accounts ruled by various plans and licenses until and unless our bank has actually received the funds. 
Ans-10 Your will get your receipts through PayPal.If you require further assistance with finding a receipt, please contact at for any Support or at +91 9910101516
Ans-11 The Contact Us link can be found on the bottom of any page within Please use our online contact form to send us an inquiry, or email
Ans-12 At the moment we donot buy from any second or third parties or other sources. But at a later stage for growth we surely would do so.
Ans-13 As part of our ongoing efforts to keep costs low for our customers, we do not publish catalogues. Every image or item in our library can be found on our website.
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Ans-14 has been tested with Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, and Firefox, on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Ans-15 You may download unlimited images per day or buy unlimited items on any given day. However we recommend to contact us for any bulk requirement solutions.
We also offer multi-seat licenses for those who need greater flexibility, and a ‘Limited’ or ‘Special’ License for more commercial uses.
Ans-16 Currently all subscriptions are free. However when the paid subscription plans start then please visit the subscribe page and select the subscription plan that’s best suited for you, or choose as many plans as you need.
Ans-17 Currently all subscriptions are free. However when the paid subscription plans start then please visit the subscribe page and select the subscription plan that’s best suited for you, or choose as many plans as you need.
Ans-18 uses cookies to hold your username and/or password. No credit card or purchasing data is stored in the cookie. Also, no personal information is stored in cookie.
Image boxes
Ans-19 Whenever such a facility will be introduced then your images and images of objects or items purchasedwill remain in your ‘Personal or ‘Exclusive’box until you delete them, but would be automatically be deleted once your current subscription/plan/account has expired or is cancelled or is delinquent.
Ans-20 An ‘Personal Box’ is used to store a group of images that you would like to eventually download or share with a colleague. You can place images and images of items purchased into a ‘Personal Box’, and then later download the images etc. You are not obligated to download images in your ‘Personal Box, and it's entirely up to you as to how many images you have in it for use at a later stage but keep it in mind that un purchased items will be automatically deleted with the end of the day.Their would be other types of boxes also like ’Exclusive Box” which will hold customised and or private order works, object, items. Images only.
Ans-21 There are two ways. When you conduct an image search, the results are displayed as miniatures called thumbs. If you scroll over a thumb, you can add that image to your ‘Personal Box’ by clicking on the icon directly beneath the thumb. This will generate a dropdown box, prompting you to “add to ‘Personal Box’.” At first you can have one ‘Personal Box’ only but later on many but with chargeable accounts or plans will choose “new,” and will be able to save the ‘Personal box’ with whatever title you prefer. Thereafter, you may continue to add other images to that particular or image(s) of items or objects in the ‘Personal Box’, or delete it or from it depending on your needs.
The other way is to click on the image itself, which will bring up the image on your screen to the permitted size. You will see to the lower left of the image the same icon and the words “add to ‘Personal’ or ‘exclusive’ Box.” Click on this and the same dropdown box will come up and simply repeat the process as stated above.
The thumbnails of images downloaded and or objects purchased will automatically reflect in your box. Your box will also keep an account of all your transactions with this account statement can easily be downloaded into an .XLS work sheet.
Ans-22 Once you have created a Box, you cannot share it with anybody.
1. Caps Lock is on or off.
2. Your Account or subscription has expired
3. Your account or subscription or plan has been cancelled
Please contact for any query or support.
Note: Currently the above are not feasible as such facility does not exist in
Ans-24 No, but we advise If you have more than one active subscription plan, you will choose the license at the time of download or purchase.
Ans-25 Yes. You must first use the images within one week of the expiration date of your subscriptions under any license. Once you have used the images within this time period you may continue to use them indefinitely as per the TOS of the license in place. Under the terms of our licenses, you may not stockpile unused images for use at a later date.
Ans-26 For each image in our record, we calculate a popularity score based on the total number of downloads, the length of time the image has been available to customers on our site, and a number of other proprietary metrics. Currently the default setting ensures that you'll see the images we have identified as the highest-quality images most relevant to your search. Additional sorting options will be introduced  at a later stage.
Ans-27 We provide detailed descriptions of each image on our site. Since all the images and or content belonging to the artist Manu Kumar Sharma who is the owner of this website you can contact him at
Ans-28 We charge in USD only. If you see a USD price on your screen, the actual conversion to your local currency is done by your ‘PayPal’ account at the moment of the purchase, based on our fixed USD price. Any charge beyond this conversion rate is a levy or surcharge added by your company for the conversion.
Ans-29 Since you may view our actual images or products or items and their image size information and details upfront, we regret that we cannot provide refunds.
Ans-30 Editorial images are images that have not been released for commercial use. They might be Stock Images also. We do not provide the service of researching and/or obtaining any needed additional makes no representations or warranties whatsoever with respect to the use of names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered or copyrighted designs or works of art depicted in any Image. You must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction of any Image have been secured by you. Please review the license carefully. Currently all the images are copyrighted to the owner of Mr. Manu Kumar Sharma who enjoys the right to royalty if any on all editorial images.
Ans-31 Currently we donot have a mailing list  but later on when we have such a service then you Just login to your account, plan etc. to opt out of any such list. You can aslo contact for same.
Ans-32 does not allow a re-download. You can download the same image only once again only after exclusive permission by who will mail you a link or the image itself if it feels so or is satisfied that your downloading was faulty.
Ans-33 You can find all of your receipts by way of‘pay Pal’ account. If you require further assistance with finding a receipt, please contact at for any Support or at +91 9910101516
Ans-34 Currently there is only free  accesswhere you  can purchase directly under Limited or Standard or Special license terms and conditions.
Once we introduce Subscriptions/ accounts/ plans etc. then you can; subscribe for one month (30 days), three months (90 days), six months (180 days) or one year (365 days). The full year subscription offers the best deal at a deep discount. We also offer a Limited License for print-runs copies, as well as other media and merchandise uses exceeding limitations as described in the TOS of the licenses.  .
For companies and organizations that require multiple employee access points, we may offer a custom built ‘Multi-User’ license. These licenses can be customized according to how many access points and how many downloads are required. Please contact us by phone or email for more information and a customized quotes.
Ans-35 Currently we do not offer any logins or passwords. Incase when we do do in the near future then just visit the ‘Forgot your password’ link beneath the ‘Login’ to have your username and password sent to your registered email address.
Ans-36 Sharing your username and password is against our Terms of Use, but we do offer ‘multi-seat’ licenses to customers who need more than one point of access for their company or organization For more information or to price a customised multi-seat license, please speak to us at +91 9910101516 or contact
Ans-37 All of your information is stored in a protected database on a secure server in a secure location.
Ans-38 No, images downloaded will not be watermarked but will have ‘Manu’ which is a trademark for its creator. And is signed on any part of the image which cannot ever be removed.
Ans-39 All images attract royalty for commercial use.
Ans-40 You may not modify an image and use it; however, in case you do  thenyou cannot claim copyright to that image. and its suppliers continue to own all images, whether or not they have been modified.
Ans-41 The Indian Copyright Act of 1957 Copyright law defines a "derivative work" as a work that is based on (or derived from) one or more already existing works, is copyrightable if it includes what the copyright law calls an “original work of authorship.” Derivative works, also known as “new versions,” include such works as translations, musical arrangements, dramatizations, fictionalizations, art reproductions, and condensations. Any work in which the editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications represent, as a whole; an original work of authorship is a “derivative work” or “new version.” For more information, please click on this link: Copyright acts and laws to prevail over any contention between the two.
Ans-42 Yes. You can use any image from for a customer/client project. Please indicate to your client that they do not own and do not have the rights to sell the individual images and that they attract Royalty.
Ans-43 According to our Licensing Terms you may use the photos in or on;Web sites, Multimedia presentations, Displays for trade shows, Billboards/banners, Packaging/labels, Broadcast video, On business letterhead, Brochures, Business cards, Office decoration, Decoration for restaurants, Public areas, Decoration in stores, And many other uses outlined in our  Licensing Terms.
Ans-44 No. We maintain an online gallery, and users can be referred directly to our website.
Ans-45 We use the JPEG format to store images in our database.
Ans-46 “Royalty-free” is a type of a stock image license that provides for the unlimited use of an image in any media defined in the licensing terms. “Royalty-free” is the opposite of “rights-managed.” A rights-managed image needs a specific license stating the audience and material surrounding the image.
All the images on are not royalty free but rights managed and require an individual license from in case of commercial use under both the License Terms. All images are bound by one or all the types of licensing agreements.
Ans-47 They can be downloaded in one size only,
They can go to a maximum 1000x2000 pixels! Each image has size information detailed underneath the chosen image.
Ans-48 The Terms of Useof the license applicable to your purchase is mentioned alongside the product.
Ans-49 You may not sell the images that you download from You can use them in design elements, but not offer them for resale or distribution.
Ans-50 Yes. All images from are rights - manage and subject to our main licensing terms. has to be kept informed about its usage and royalty paid wherever applicable.
Ans-51 You cannot sell templates under our Standard subscription license but we do allow it under our Special subscription license.
Excellent visualization and concept art skills available with us. We love to undertake take any kind of art or creativity linked job works/ projects. We undertake high quality Wall paintings for offices, homes etc.