Manu Sharma  
Mr. Manu Sharma is a full time, self-taught painter and an artist practicing in his Studio in New Delhi, India. He is a native of New Delhi area ever since his birth there in the year 1967. At present, he is residing there with his family and has his studio based in the same area. He did his schooling from Modern School, New Delhi. He is a graduate in arts from the prestigious Osmania University, Hyderabad. Mr. Sharma has an overall twenty odd years of commercial industry experience in many prestigious companies of India like Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, which accounted for 14 of his total industry experience, during which time he practiced art as both a hobbyist and a free-lancer line artist. He has also held a position of creative head for a major publishing house in Delhi in his lengthy professional career. Mr. Sharma has over the years practiced and experimented with all forms of art like sculpting, Painting in all art forms and types in variety of mediums. He has his own website where he displays and sells his work apart from many other private art connoisseurs and collectors.

Mr. Sharma, over the years has developed a unique contemporary art style, which has a traditional eastern form but an oriental spirit. One can say that his style touches upon all the major Asian categories of art and style. He loves to experiment and is a master of both human and animal anatomy, which can be seen in many of his line art works. He does work in realism and is a firm believer of renaissance art and style. Michael Angelo is Mr. Sharma’s favorite artist of that period. ‘Photo Realism works of art’ are his passion. Mr. Sharma also does portraits in oil, Acrylic, graphite cum charcoal and watercolours. Mr. Sharma has always touched upon the beauty of Mother Nature in all his artworks. His usage of flora and fauna in highly imaginary art forms is just truly amazing. Mr. Sharma has also developed a unique art style in wall paintings which though in high demand in some spheres of society is still in its nascent stage of development in the country. Mr. Sharma has done designs for many Tattoo art galleries abroad and his works are in high demand there. Mr. Sharma does designs for Fabrics, Glass Art and Fashion Houses. He takes wholehearted interest in whatever project he takes up in hand and sees to its timely accomplishments. Mr. Sharma apart from being an artist is also an author with many online articles to his credit. Apart from being an author, he is a sensitive and a very talented poet. Mr. Sharma is in the process of launching his own series of children Books and comics, which he has himself authored and illustrated. Mr. Sharma is a firm believer in traditional art and limits his work in accordance for all his designing projects for digital and gaming art studios.
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